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On $25 a Day or Less
Art of Travel - European and World Backpacking

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It is a wonderful book: concise, well written, and informative. Ben

I've been reading half the night. Now my neck is stiff. Great stuff. You really pay attention. Nancy

Perhaps a year and a half ago I strapped on a backpack and went traveling. My plans were almost non-existent, aside from that over-riding imperative to GO, but before I left I did some reading and research. It has been long since I recalled this fact, but I am sure now I read your book in its entirely before I left. And I see now that some of what I learned on the road, and some of the philosophy I developed, was rooted in that reading, though the source was forgotten. I'm off again soon, this time to Spain for a while, and I have again found your most excellent book. Strange now, to look back on some of the advice with a more experienced eye. Jeff

I found your website helpful beyond belief! Jessica

I've been reading your site for months, and recently printed a large portion, then highlighted the most important info. If you had a hardcover for sale I'd buy it even though I'm watching every dollar, knowing I'll need it when I take off for Western Europe. I've saved up $3000 so far and am currently getting gear together. Because of your site I know what to look for. My sister got stuck with a 70 liter pack, ended up buying a car because hitchhiking in the rain with a huge pack sucks, ran out of money, and is now working in New Zealand for $30 a day. I told her to read art o' travel...but no...she was too busy...hehe. I will not make the same mistake. Jonah

Your site is a really great read, inspiring and informative! Can't wait to go! Alex

Wowzers, I have read your whole book and thought it was fantastic. Andy

I discovered your site yesterday and I love it! I'm going to read as much as I can before I leave for Spain in September. I will be living in Madrid for a year and plan on traveling whenever possible.  I'm a student, so travel on the cheap is the way to go. Matt

Please be careful with history. Daniel, Sweden

I wanted to thank you for all your help and travel advice. I've been in Europe for a month, and I've had the time of my life, met a hundred amazing people, and seen a thousand amazing things. Jennifer, Austin

A wonderful book....concise, well written, and informative. Ben

Your site is wonderful. Thank you. Nicole, 26, Arizona

Congratulations to this book! This is a real jewel. I used it very much for planning my round the world travel (ten months). Anna Maria, 30, Austria

Ideas are interesting, informative, and definitely user-friendly. Marey and Kurt, Australia

This is a great page! I will certainly read all of it before I go on my trip! Very funny with practical advice, too. Dave, 24, Chicago

Right on info! Just what I needed to gain some confidence! Ande, 24, Saskatchewan

Had this information been available to me (five years ago)...I really think I could have avoided many of the hardships I faced. Harry, 30, Kentucky

I surf the net a lot, and I'm dreadfully tired of all the hype surrounding it, but when I run across a site like this one, I'm reminded how cool the net can be. Scott, Seattle

Aloha, I found this site very helpful with planning my next trip! The part on airline travel was really great. Frank, 44, Hawaii

Thanks to several things you wrote I have built up the courage to give it a try. My mother is a little upset and worried, but I am confident I will be fine on my own. My biggest fear is overpacking. Gina, New York

This is amazing! I feel ready to embrace The World for twelve months now. Vicky, 25, Great Britain

Thanks for compiling your experiences.  I retire and depart on my multi-year round-the-world trip next June, so I've been reading constantly. Yours is one of the best yet. Merrill

I want to commend you on a marvelous piece of literature. I started reading at work on a break, just couldn't help myself, and spent the entire day reading your piece. James

Art of Travel is practical, funny, and quite inspirational. Before my first long backpacking trip it gave me real insight into the traveller psyche, and made me excited about getting out there even while I was swimming in pre-trip red tape! Amy, 22, Australia

For the past week I have been obsessed with backpacking. After this reading, not only has it confirmed that I can be a backpacker traveling the world, but that I can also do it on a relatively low budget. Linda, 24, New Jersey

It is 4:30am and I have just finished my first read of the online book. I have to sleep now so good night! (My travel plans are) many continents by motorcycle. James, 30, New Zealand

I have been reading this document since...well let us say it has been many consecutive hours. I was enthralled. I could not help but read everything from beginning to end. I even took notes. Extremely compleat and useful site. (My travel plans are) Scotland, Ireland, England. Terence, 20, Canada

Thank you for a pleasant reading. I am impressed with your great attitude towards travelling and foreign people. I am sure anyone would welcome you into their backyards and homes, it seems that you are a humble and understanding traveller, and there are not many of those around. Most people treat the places they come to as a stage to walk around on and the people who live there as supporting actors and extras. Susanna, 28, Sweden

I am planning my first backpacking trip and this is the best web site I have surfed upon! Heather, 26, USA 

An excellent and well constructed site. Ian, 21, Kent

I think this site is excellent...so far you're spot on. (My travel plans are) back to Spain and then Morocco, heading for the Atlas mountains and the beaches. Richard, 24, Glasgow

Your website has been the most informative and interesting I've come across. Paul, 27, Wales

This is by far the best travel site I have ever seen. I am so enjoying it. (My travel plans are) Sicily to find long-lost relatives, India with my best friend, Thailand, Australia, then working in New Zealand for a year. Jen, 21, Austin

I have enjoyed reading and reviewing this site at least three times and have shared it with others. Thank you for the time and effort to help the rest of us travelers. Kathryn, Iowa

Excellent site, well-written, informative and inspirational, but very practical: Gives me confidence that perhaps the pack needn't weigh a tonne! Anna, 26, UK

Love it. An invaluable resource at a time when I was becoming frozen by fear--this has helped me to "build a bridge and get over it." Thanks for sharing your experience with others of less experience but as many dreams. Sarah, 26, Melbourne

Fantastic site! I think it's impossible for people who've read this book to resist their now super-itchy feet. Inspiring, well done. Keith, 22, Stuttgart

The book is really funny and educating, and it's the best information I've found on the Internet. (My travel plans are) to walk Europe from west to east. Yonatan, 18, Israel

I get more excited about my trip with just reading the tips and my mind works continuously imagining how they will come into play on my journey. Dean, 28, Canada

Thank you for your highly sophisticated and comprehensive web site! An example of how a web site is supposed to be: logical and straight-forward. (My travel plans are) India. Han, 61, Oregon

An absolutely great site; extremely well organized. Mabel, USA

Your web site is very informational and useful! I will tell my friends about it! You are also a gifted writer! Jennifer, 29, Phoenix

You have written a wonderful, helpful guide for those who want to venture outside the safety zone of guided tours. It is good to be reminded of the basic kindness and humanity that is shared by people all over the world. Jim, 52, Nashville

My husband and I are now planning our #20+ backpacking trip. We started backpacking when our kids were small. It was the only way we could afford to show them the world. Every year our packs are lighter and the need for a decent bed becomes greater. Linda, 57, Oklahoma

I'm sure the information will be of great help in the future. My only regret was that it eventually ended! Stacey, 17, Minnesota

I came across this site when trying to book a flight to Canada. I then spent my evening reading all the chapters available here. It is a very enjoyable and informative site. I especially liked the questions, "Doesn't everybody hate Americans?" and "What about the funny money?" (My travel plans are) a complete trip around Ireland so I can say I have seen my country before I head away. Lorna, 20, Northern Ireland

I am a female who is about to embark on a fantastic journey alone. I am so excited, yet nervous to backpack Europe by myself. I have had people tell me I am crazy, and how stupid I am to go alone. Thanks for your insights and justification! I am ready for a fabulous six weeks to learn and love life. Jen, 29, Boston

This is by far the best website I have found for backpacker hopefuls. I have desperately wanted to travel for six years but haven't had the money, a friend to go with, or the courage to go it alone. This website has helped boost my confidence and given ideas of where to look for more information. My friend and I have not decided where we are going yet, just that we are going. Amber, 20, Virginia

Thanks for the great read. I have thoroughly enjoyed a quiet afternoon reading this page and have found lots of useful and interesting ideas and comments. David, 22, Auckland

Thank you for a great read full of useful information. I admire your style of presentation and enjoyed the glimpses of your personality which shone through. I've always thought of backpackers as hunchbacks in my subconscious and overloaded ones do look threatening to us urban commuters in the Perth railway station. Rosanne, 44, Perth

This is really a great book. (And funny, too, for someone who has had the same experience.) I really liked it! Joel, 25, Israel

Wicked to find a site untainted by commercialisation. A wonderful guide and great fun to read. (In the future I would like to see) unique parts of the world that contrast with western society. Tom, 19, Melbourne

Informative, interesting, reassuring for the first time traveller. Very useful links. It has been invaluable in preparing my own trip. Richard, 25, England

This web site is better than the twenty dollar guide I just purchased! Amazing detail straight from a fellow backpacker! Lars, 21, Calgary 

What an excellent site!  I just returned from a thirteen-week trip through most of Europe and parts of the Middle East. I stumbled across your site quite by accident. That was three hours ago. I just spent the better part of an evening reading, laughing, and nodding my head up and down. Doug, California

It's amazing how often your information has reflected my own experience, right down to the cork screw on the Swiss Army knife! Thank you for your thoughtful, well-written, resource material. (My travel plans are) Belize for the seventh time in February 2000, from there to the Bay Islands, up the Rio Dulce, and back to Belize. An Aussie gal friend showed me this site. Gregory, 47, Connecticut 

Thanks for writing such a cool book. Definitely wish I had read it eighteen months ago, but I guess you have to learn some things the hard way. Nick

I really want to thank all peoples who made this site possible....I appreciate your site because it brings to mind a lot of things I've lived, of the brief period of my life when I really can say I was totally free. Daniele, 21, Rome

Your site is great. I cannot believe all the information I have searched is here. Thank you for making this book! (My travel plans are) around the world with a friend. We start this August and come back eight months later. Tobias, 21, Germany

This is the best resource I've found. It's probably the most informative and unbiased, and it's DEFINITELY the best-organized, easy-to-use, site. (My travel plans are) three months all around Europe, beginning in London. I can't wait! Harris, 22, New England

Excellent, excellent, excellent, excellent, I can't say it enough times. Thank you. (In the future I would like to see) The World!!! George, 27, Melbourne

(My travel plans are) six weeks backpacking around central Europe. This trip is a culmination of ten years of day dreaming and a lifetime fascination with exploration. Michael, 27, California

(My travel plans are) to travel, work, volunteer, and experience this beautiful earth. Robby, 23, Austin

I really loved reading this site. (In the future I would like to see) all the people of the world and the way they live. Janique, 23

(My travel plans are) from Scotland to Peru by myself for twenty-five days. (In the future I would like to see) the rest of the planet! Stephanie, 25, Scotland

I've learned my lesson about trying to make plans, the universe always has a better one than I could possibly imagine. I suppose my plans are to learn from, help, and get to know as many people and places as I can. Jon, 18, Alabama

I think for many people the most important thing is to have a sense of adventure. Trying to plan everything before stepping out the door can kill many a trip. Nishimur

Thank you for your wonderful site. It has really helped me put things in perspective. Kirrily, 21, Australia

Once all the people really begin communicating everything is going to work out pretty well. It's amazing what we can achieve despite our stupidity. (My travel plans are) to love everyone and everything while I can. Hank, 80, USA

Great great site and really encouraging. Fears and Concerns was the most helpful thing I've seen for allaying my travel jitters, and How to Get Money From Your Parents, while not so relevant to me any more, was a hoot. Misha, 31, Toronto

I'm in a net-cafe in Paris. I've been here a few days, am having a lovely time, and have met a zillion people. The web guide really was a big help in getting over initial hesitancies, etc. Another happy site visitor,  Misha, 31, Toronto

Thank you for putting up such a very interesting and informative site. The information is of high quality, and presented in a light, readable format. Chris, 26, Melbourne

I'm a well-travelled trekker from London, searching for new information for a twelve-month trek. This is definitely the best page I've come across so far, full of real advice about absolutely everything. Ultimately we all have our own opinions based on our own experiences, but I would recommend this page to anyone seeking advice. Andy, 27, London

From a semi-experienced traveller (one year in Oz and a few smaller trips in Europe), I found lots of things to be true, especially on traveling alone after seeing people who were friends fall out massively. Charlotte, 28, UK 

I thought your website was very interesting and thoughtful. Thank you for opening my eyes. Alexandra, 18, Pennsylvania

Very thorough, probably the most comprehensive backpacking site I've ever seen. Very informative, great tips, just a wonderful site. (In the future I would like to see) THE WHOLE WORLD! Zack, 16, Canada

Thank you for showing me how to be a traveller instead of a tourist. This is simply a most amazing and useful and practical website. Soon, 22, Singapore

This was a huge help, one of the big influences in planning my trip. The comments on clothes, or lack thereof, brought me back to earth! I had planned to take way too much! Nicola, 20, Perth

I find it so inspirational that I read at least one thing every day. Everett, 22, Honolulu

Wow! Thank you, thank you, thank you. I don't leave for five months but I find myself here almost everyday trying to absorb as much information as I can. Tara, 22, Canada

We are looking forward to seeing waves and monkeys. We probably don't realise how such a trip may change our lives due to the people we will meet and the adventures we will have. Jamie, 20, England

(In the future I would like to see) everything the world has to offer, to experience everything there is to experience, to meet everyone and hear their story (yeah, I know that's pretty idealistic), to learn what there is to learn. Rocks, 16

(In the future I would like to see) all the countries on the planet. At least once. Dario, 27, Mississippi

(In the future I would like to see) history in reality! Louise, 30, Manila

This is absolutely fascinating - I have travelled and backpacked extensively, but even half the stuff you have here had not occurred to me! The section on fostering the right attitudes to travel and having the confidence to experience the new should be taught in schools!! Jen, Yorkshire, UK

I was astounded to find a site that actually quoted my agenda: $25 or less. I always thought I was alone in trying something like this. Now...I realize there are more of us out there who are willing to see the world as it is. Ben, 26, USA

This is exactly the information I have been looking for! I'm tired of sites that tell you, "Go here!" and "Don't go there!" I wanted an unbiased opinion about what to do and what can go wrong. Thank you! Samantha, 25, USA

I enjoyed the humor used to provide very useful tips. Larry, 21, Virginia

I've spent the last three days reading your book in every spare minute. My youngest son will leave the nest tomorrow, and I'm trying to figure out what to do with the rest of my life. Traveling is high on my list. I am so pleased you are positive about women backpacking, and "older" women backpacking. (I don't FEEL older, but people keep saying 43 IS OLDER.) Perhaps by the time I get to the end of your book I'll have my plans made and my pack filled! At any rate, thank you for the very informative, interesting thoughts!  (My travel plans are) anywhere...anytime! Time and money are my only obstacles. Perhaps my fear of no time and little money is more accurate. Kathy, 43, Alaska

I enjoyed it immensely and am now hopping up and down in anticipation of my next voyage. Joe, 25, San Francisco

This is the best web site I have found on any topic. It is the only site I've returned to day after day and read the entire document. This book is great for the first time traveller, as well as experienced travellers who want to refresh their travel knowledge. That it is free on the web, so well written, and has no advertisements makes reading even more enjoyable. My only regret is that I've finished the book, because I found it so enjoyable reading a new chapter each day. Great job, and keep up the good work! Craig, 22, Winnipeg

Oh, you make me feel at home! The world of your experiences, of your quotations, of your recommendations and smiles....So it is real even though it sometimes seems so unreal, idealistic, and far, far away! Monika, 30, Munich

I've been surfing the net for many years now, and this would have to be one of the first documents I have read in its entirety. It's brilliant. I recently returned to Australia from my first trip to Europe, and am two weeks off heading to Africa. I couldn't have asked for better advice or re-enforcement. Superb information and really well written. Stu, 29, Australia

Nice job! I have developed some passion of reading it everyday. It's very informative, and has helped me with my travels. Not only that, I think this page has some lyrical component. Shuvayu, 25, Indiana

You made me craving for action but it's a gift not a plight. I have just to wait for the snow--which is still falling--to melt. Your site is really complete and renders the motivations that make us move. Antoine, 20, Quebec and Alsace (France)

This is one of the best travel sites I've ever run across (and I really mean that). I check back every now and then to see what's been added. (In the future I would like to see) street signs in Arabic. Jennifer, 28, South Korea

I really enjoy reading this site. When I get to work in the morning, I log on, and keep it on all day--so if I get a moment, I can read about this or that. It really keeps me in a good mood, no matter how work's going. Very well written and personable. I printed three chapters and read them to my husband on a recent car trip. The humor's great! Laurra, 28, Seattle

Thanks for sharing such an immense amount of knowledge and common sense. I've spent the past several weeks looking at your site piece-by-piece during breaks at work, and have really enjoyed it. Thanks for providing inspiration and solutions to my many "what-ifs". David, 32, Idaho

I'm so glad I found this site! EVERYTHING I ever needed to know to prepare for my first backpacking trip was easily presented....The writing style is simple and entertaining (I couldn't stop reading!), plus the information is extremely valuable. This guide actually teaches you how to travel smart and safely - while not forgetting to have fun! Patty, 22, USA

Thank you so much for this web site. It is extremely informative and helpful for us...knowing there is a way, but not knowing how to go about it. Leslie, 29+, California

I think this site is wonderful. It has been a big comfort reading it! Laine, 22, Massachusetts

This is, by far, the most educational, informative, fun to read book about travel I have ever come across. I am planning a backpacking trip to Europe and this book not only hyped me up about going, but also got me thinking about things I would never have considered. I found the stories about your experiences especially fun to read. (My travel plans are) to travel the world with nothing but me and my pack. No planning, no deadlines, just spontaneity. Joseph, 21, New York

Your text is well-written, insightful, humane, and reflective. Susan

I would have willingly forked over the $16 this book would have cost me retail. Thank you so much for your insight, careful and thoughtful organization, and, most of all, your inspiring world view. Your firm belief in the inherent goodness of people and your determined positive attitude have allayed many of my pre-trip anxieties. Erin, 24, California

What an inspiring book! You have a manner of writing that seems as if you were my older brother telling me what to look out for as we sat and had a few beers. Michael, 29, Saskatchewan

That's an amazing website! It's consuming my nights! I'm Brazilian, former exchange student to Denmark, studying International Studies at Brasílias University. You really (captured) the spirit of travelling. There's nothing that gives me more pleasure than to exchange experiences and ideas with people from around the world! (My travel plans are) Australia, USA, Scandinavia, deep South America, Polynesia, Greenland, so many places. I just hope I live long enough! Felipe, 18, Brazil

Very useful and I very appreciate your tips and techniques! Fernando, 25, Sao Paulo

Thank you for this amazing site! Ferry, 32, The Netherlands

Enjoyed the content (rang true to my experience); the photos; the quotes...and most of all the humourous delivery. Catherine, 29, Sydney

This was very entertaining reading. Last year I took my first solo trip to Ireland and had a blast. I'm now taking a friend on her first trip to Europe and we'll have a packing practice session. I can't wait until I help her toss out the extra junk. This site will be her required reading. Kat, 28, California

This is the most useful website I know on any one subject. Great job! Jeff, 22, Wisconsin

This is an absolutely brilliant effort and I congratulate you on making such valuable knowledge and not a little wisdom available on the Internet. I have found your comments on safety and carrying money the best anywhere, and your comments on how to get along with others speak volumes to your humanity. Paul, 42, New Zealand

This is an extraordinary website. Thank you for the time and energy you have put into it. The information is great, and your attitude is exceptional. Art, 41, Tennessee

I feel this is a great site that is going to help me with my travels. I can't emphasize enough how happy I am there are no advertisements. Moez, 25, California

I was very pleasantly surprised to find this well-written, unpretentious, and lucid site. I kept looking for ads and expecting a chapter to suddenly end with, "For further information please enter your Visa Gold card number here."  Camille, 23, Northwest Territories

Just wanted to say from my year of traveling Oz, New Zealand and Europe that all the information I've read on your site is accurate and up-to-date. Keep up the good work and continue providing a valuable resource! Michael, 27, Colorado  (1998)

This is THE best travel site I have ever seen--and I have seen a lot! I used this site before my first solo-backpacking trip last summer (to the British Isles) and have looked at it again now that I am preparing to go away on another extended trip. The information is fabulous and the personal examples are excellent references. I have this site bookmarked and view it when I am looking for information, either for myself or others, as well as when I am wanting to get into the spirit of travelling while stuck at home working to save for my next trip!  Robin, 23, Victoria, Canada

You made a wonderful content of great information. It was a real pleasure to read. Jean-Philippe, 22, Montreal

Thanks for sharing your experiences and advice. It's very encouraging and reassuring. And very funny. I enjoyed reading it. Leslie, New York

Your website is a wealth of information and entertaining to boot. We learned while laughing.... Sharon, 47, New Orleans

I saved almost every chapter for later reference. Thank you. Rachel, 21, Seattle

I really enjoyed reading this book. I always thought the best way to see the world would be to spend a great deal of money, and for that reason never thought I could do it. I'm now extremely motivated to finish school and get out and see and do as much as I possibly can. Katie, 22, South Carolina

I loved reading how to meet people and what traveling is all about. I think people often don't consider what it is that makes them want to explore new places--to learn more about the world and most importantly, to learn more about yourself as a person and what it means to be you in relation with everyone else. Amy, 19, North Carolina

This is the most time I have ever spent on the net in one sitting. I am planning to travel to the UK and Europe in July and August and had become quite daunted by thoughts of backpacking alone, organising accommodation, planning vs. not planning, etc...and was considering going on an organised tour even though this would cost way more and just whirl past places. Brenda, 27, New Zealand

As a man of seventy-seven years who still owns a copy of the first printing of the first edition of Europe on $5 a Day, I enjoyed seeing these pages. My most recent trip was less than two years ago, to Bali, Singapore, Tokyo, and SFO. I can confirm from personal experience much of what you say. (Father) Roger, 77, Massachusetts

Thank you, John Gregory! My mind now swims with post-retirement possibilities! Thanks, too, for a really excellent website design. Easy to navigate, always clear, perfectly linked--a true delight. Jane, 55, Alabama

Your book answered so many of my questions about traveling abroad. I have always wanted to travel but never found enough basic info to to even begin to plan a backpacking trip. You fixed that problem. Thanks again. (My travel plans are) Ireland to start and possibly England too, after that who knows. Mike, 26, Arkansas

Wow, that was great. You just answered pretty much all my questions, including the ones I didn't know I wanted to ask. I was contemplating going to Europe next summer, but it seems I'm not contemplating any more...I leave at the end of April. Thanks, and kudos for putting it all on the web! Evan, 21, Toronto

I've surfed numerous web sites on backpacker camping but feel yours to be the best. It's loaded with informative and common sense advice. I've vagabonded throughout the U.S. for many years but have never been able to work up the nerve to do it in Europe. Your site has given me that push. Thanks for providing such a great service! Ed, 41, Chicago

Thanks heaps for the time you put into this! I can positively say there are many things I'm now aware of and tips I will use no end as a first time traveller. Vieve, 22, Melbourne

I think of myself as quite an experienced backpacker traveller but your site is still very informative to me. Many well-meant compliments. Frank, 32, The Netherlands

There is nothing I can say about your site that will do the justice it deserves. You have pretty much covered everything a beginner could ask for, and you even brought up a few things I never knew and I thought I knew a lot. Just goes to show life is a learning process. Connor, 33, Seattle

I started backpacking half a year ago and am now hooked for life. The best thing is to find out for yourself but you are a great help. I always listen to what other people have to say but I do my own thing. Jiel, 39, Holland

I find this site amazing. It is well-organized, well-written, funny as heck, and smartly philosophical. Thanks for your efforts. Peter, 32, Seattle

I am amazed at the comprehensive, and well-written, information. John, Massachusetts

I appreciate your thinking deeply about all areas of travel....I hope there will be a Part II someday. (In the future I would like to see) worldwide appreciation from people for this world, and take advantage of what we were given from God. Tracy, 25, San Diego

Great stuff, very entertaining! Shulamit, 48, Israel

Just read your book, and loved every second of it, made me think about travels to come. In a few days I'll be in Scotland, hitchhiking and camping. It will be my first independent trip abroad, after years of hiking and guiding Boy Scouts in Israel. It's about time. Nadav, 22, Israel

I think this entire site is great, very thorough, and occasionally hysterically funny--thanks for putting it on the Web. Besha

Great site man! Elverd, 26, New York and London

I'm at the beginning of my reading, but I think it's a very good idea and very funny and nice. Compliments. Simona, 31, Italy

I have gotten so much useful information from this site but mostly encouragement. Lynn, 41, British Columbia

I stumbled on your site about four months ago on my Dad's computer, and started looking for it once I got my own. What a great site! Thanks! Arden, 26, Kalamazoo

I love your material and put you on my list of favorites, since there are so many links. Glad I found your site! Nancy, 52, Kalamazoo

I learned so much from visiting your site. Keep up the good work. Monique, 19, Canada

Great piece of work--insightful, practical and highly informative. The part about attitude and getting out of travel what you put into it is so true--and absolutely indispensable. Clark, 29, Dallas

Comprehensive, complete, comforting. Thanks for a no-frills overview of traveling the world. Your Thoreau quotes reminded me of what inspired me to travel in the first place. Ron, 22, Maine

You have inspired me to seriously consider backpacking through Europe at the end of this year. Your writing style and content make it a pleasure to read your work. Good luck with the book sales! Student, Australia

Brilliantly detailed, informative and sensitive information by a true travel and world enthusiast. Well done! Ian, 34, Perth

This is the best travel resource I have come across anywhere on the net or in print. Bloody brilliant work by your good self. Sam, 20, London

This is the best online resource I've seen, and I've checked a lot. Planning a trip is almost as fun as going. Rob, 29, Seattle

I was delighted to find so much free information so easy to access. Thanks for your generosity--all these tips will certainly be put to good use. Nicole, 27, London

It's not very often you come to a site that has this much quality info on it! (In the future I would like to see) a journal of a trip you did with photos of the sites as well as the people there. Michael, 24, Ottawa

I think my plan is to not have any plans....to be free to go when and where I want. I found your new airfares area really helpful. It isn't difficult to find one-ways for around $150! Jeremy, 19, Ohio

Your site is probably the most helpful, informational, and entertaining I have ever seen on the web--and the fact that it is six a.m. and I just finished Chapter 23 is testament to that. I don't know how I could possibly thank you for all of the information I have picked up. A friend and I recently decided to spend next summer backpacking across Europe, and with your help we just might make it back. :) Justin, 18, Minnesota

I'm a student...deeply fascinated in backpacking somewhere in the future. The information you provide is the most useful I've found, and has been a great help. Eddie, 17, Chiapas (President of the Maya Republic)

This book was very well written, witty and informative. My dream has been to backpack across Europe...and it's going to come true next summer. I'm the kind of person who would arrive at the airport and realize she forgot her underwear...So I'm reading up as much as possible researching each country and methods of travel. (It also puts my overwhelming excitement to a constructive use instead of screaming, "I'm going to Europe in a year!") Sam, 17, Florida

I'm psyched! Mary Kay, 17, Pennsylvania

Thanks to people like you, it's easier for people like me without travel experience to dream and plan their own travel experiences. Cody, 23, Texas

I was taking notes from your book for reference later. Unfortunately they ended up being over fourteen cramped pages worth! Your book is just too useful. Robert, 19, Australia

I like your book. It's very good. Keep up the nice work! Nick, 34, Germany

This website is a wonderful jewel to find! I've just returned from a three-month trip to Western Europe (and then two weeks westward across the U.S. My first for both!) I'm only back long enough to save for my next trip in three months! In the meantime I'm researching for things to do and see and how to get it done inexpensively and in just this one lifetime! This site has been extremely enlightening! (Sorry, I'm running out of superlatives!) Randy, 31, California

(1) I've just begun to read your web site. I'm enthralled with the information so far. Thank you. (2) This is fantastic reading, thanks for sharing your firsthand knowledge so freely. How fortunate I feel to have discovered your site. (3) I'm reading your book for the second time to absorb and think about and plan. I think I will start by flying to London and take it from there. Dee, Australia

This is a fabulous book, just what I've been looking for. Lior, 18, Israel

This is exactly what I was looking for. I am already excited about traveling Europe after I graduate from college and this is what I needed to give me an idea of what it will take. Wes

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I am now twenty-seven years young and have had the desire to pack through Europe for ten years. I never felt I could do it alone. I will now, no matter what, leave in six months to travel Europe. I will tell you how great it was. Thanks to your book I feel more confident than ever. (In the future I would like to see) a part two. I couldn't stop reading. I even read what other people wrote. Rex, 27, Colorado

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I think your site is excellent. It inspired me to take a trip to Europe alone last summer after my traveling companion flaked on me. Now I think going it alone is the only way to go. I've recommended this site to anyone who's planning an extended trip. It had so many helpful hints for a novice like me I can't hope to list them all. Suffice to say this site was an integral part of the wonderful trip I had last summer. Thank you so much. Dave, 23, Berkeley

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Wow. Thank you for putting this on the Internet! I can't believe how much wonderful info is there. The Fears and Concerns chapter meant a lot to me because I have two hang-ups holding me up--not wanting to be out there all alone, and being a female traveling alone. What you wrote soothes some of my worries. :) Not to mention it's very funny, and your sense of humor appealed to me. Eileen, New York

You're book...has inspired me to stop fearing the unknown. I have always wanted to do more traveling (outside the U.S.) and with all the great tips in your book I think that not only will it become a reality, but that I will enjoy it much more than any two week vacation planned to the last detail. Nena, New York

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You have made a valuable contribution! James, 29, Colorado

This is by far the most informative web site I have ever seen, let alone the most informative concerning travel. When I first got the idea to go, it was mainly because I wanted to get the hell out of my suburban home and experience the culture of Europe. But as I got more and more into planning, I began to lose sight of why I was going and became obsessed with "planning" and not simply experiencing....You've reassured me how great it would be to go alone and really grow from the experience of meeting new people and experiencing new things....This is a priceless wealth of information and I hope it serves other young travelers as it has me. Thank you. Michael, 19, New Jersey

I loved the book. I stopped by for a second, and wound up spending two hours. Wish it was in print. Mardee, Ohio

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I just want to say thank you. These tips are going to be very helpful in my trip. (My travel plans are) to have a cultural experience, to learn a lot, and have fun! Tomas, 20, Mexico City

I must congratulate the writer on a truly brilliant piece of work. I am so glad I read this, and hate to think if I was never recommended it. I have already recommended this site to others, as it is easy to read, down to earth, very helpful, and puts things in perspective, along with great tips and everything you need to know. Thank you immensely. (My travel plans are) Europe with a soulmate this November to January. I have a ten day Europass, relatives in Italy, and know a few people. I absolutely can't wait, and after reading here I feel totally prepared. Catherine, 19, Australia

I just wanted you to know how much I enjoyed reading How to See the World on $25 a Day or Less. I recently returned from my first real trip by myself--three weeks in England, low budget, completely unplanned...and trying to see as much of life as possible. Your writings have given me the impetus to start planning my next excursion, just me and the backpack. Carl, 25, Nashville

I think the most important point of your book is touching on the spirit of traveling, as opposed to being a tourist. The fondest memories won't be from the things you see on your checklist, but from the people you meet and the stories you'll have. How many great travel stories have you heard that didn't involve interaction with another person? You have captured the whole spirit of the concept, and that is truly valuable. Ted, USA

Because of your Art of Travel I decided to go for my four-month tour of Eastern Europe, Baltic States, and Western Europe. I had so many doubts that regular travel books couldn't answer....you have an approach to the whole of travelling that is more like what I look for. Americans make this world better because they have an incomparable ability for organizing data and making it entertaining. Congratulations and thank you very much! Fabiano, Brazil

Thanks for having a different eye and sharing it with us. Thanks for not adoring the money. Thanks for reminding us the most important thing while traveling is to live. Thanks for all the countries, all the hints, and all the love of these pages. Jorge, 25, Mexico

Hi man, remember me? A naïve Mexican who wanted to travel the world? The time and the kilometers have done something to him, have changed him. Now I have a big baggage with three months in India, two weeks in Thailand, a Christmas in Israel, several hard drinking sessions in Cairo, and lots of plans for the new year. Keep encouraging people to travel. It's a big world! Jorge, 25, Mexico

If you are interested in backpacking, but have some fear, like Should I travel alone? and have just entered at this site read, read it all. At the end you will be so crazy, but you will be more near to your dreams. Andres, 24, Columbia

This is an outline of how we were meant to live. Leave your sofas, TV's, and air-conditioned sedans behind. Face the world and don't let it beat you! Mark, 29, Vancouver

Oh Tatermaster! Jen, 27, Chicago

Thank you for existing! Danica, 22, Toronto

This book is totally awesome! Mathew, 13, Vermont

I'm enjoying the book, and taking notes. Thanks for providing this resource to we, the clueless! (: Tracy, 28, Michigan

My girlfriend has talked me into saving for a twelve-month European trip next year. You almost talked me into going without her! Tim, 24, Melbourne

I will spread the word! This site is as great as eating a vanilla ice cream. Thank you for all effort in making our trip a memorable one. Doddie, 20, California

I find his advice interesting and entertaining. Did the author ever follow the Grateful Dead? Greg, 36, Wisconsin

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